What is the real meaning of Food Provenance?

Food provenance is the term we use to describe the origins of our food such as where it has been grown, raised or caught. Additionally, it provides us with an understanding of how our food has been produced and transported.

The different farming methods used to produce our food certainly affects the overall quality and taste of what we eat. Increasingly consumers are rightly demanding greater transparency and shorter food supply chains.

What it means to us

It is here that Brockleby’s sit in the market. We are a local family business supplying hand-made, award-winning pies. Our ethos is to use the highest quality free-range ingredients supplied by local farmers and producers who are located within a 30 mile radius of us. ‘Sourcing locally’ means we remain independent of the wider food network.

Habits are changing

As the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the nation hard this year, so the mantra of ‘buying local’ has resonated loudly. During these challenging times, many consumers have broken old shopping and eating habits in favour of trying out new ways to feed their families. As a result, farm shops and farmers markets are thriving and we are seeing the advent of pop-up weekly markets in villages and small towns. To some extent we are witnessing a return to our parents’ and grandparents’ shopping habits.

Shopping locally is a win-win in many respects. Consumers are enjoying higher quality produce whilst also helping the environment. Limiting the food miles reduces the carbon footprint the food leaves behind and supports the British food and farming sector. The National Farmers Union drives support to ‘buy British’ through their ‘Back British Farming’ campaign.

We are passionate about provenance at Brockleby’s and provide our customers with the transparency they appreciate and deserve. In future editions of The Slice we will share with you the origins of the ingredients used to make our infamous pies including the Wild Beaver, Wild Deer, Penguin, Chicken Little and Kiwi and Ali Baa Baa pies to name just a few!