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Free-from anything but Provenance

‘Free-from’ is the newest category of pies you will find when you shop online with Brockleby’s. Customers hungry for the delights of a handmade pie with provenance from Melton Mowbray can now choose from an extensive range of thirty pies containing many different fillings. When we say we make something for everyone, this is a […]

The British Pie Awards

The British Pie Awards running since 2009 are the Oscars of the Pie World! They are an annual celebration of the craft and skill of the British Piemaker. Hosted in early March by the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association, they are held in the ancient and beautiful church of St Mary’s in the town also known […]

New Year, New Pie Home

The Old College to become Brockleby's new home

The new year brings news of a new pie home and headquarters for Brockleby’s Pies! We are thrilled to confirm that during the course of 2022 we are planning a relocation of the Bakery to new premises! The ever-increasing popularity of our pies means we are now bursting at the seams in our current location. […]

Taste The Difference, Try a Bison Pie!

A bison out at grass

Taste the difference, try a bison pie! Whilst we offer customers the best possible ingredients, we aim also to offer you special pies in both taste and name.  Cue The Penguin Pie, The Beaver Pie and more recently our bison pie, The Ruffalo Buffalo, to name just a few!! With one of the five bison […]

Say (deeply filled handmade) Pies!

A picture paints a thousand words! This is never more true than when capturing the mouth watering qualities of deeply filled award-winning handmade pies. Our twenty six strong range of pies is expanding rapidly requiring an update and addition to the images on our website! Time to commission some fresh pie pictures including our popular […]

The Power of Pie Pastry Flour

You could be forgiven for overlooking the power of pie pastry flour in a Brockleby’s pie but, what would your plate of delicious and nutritious filling be without it? With provenance uppermost in our minds, we carefully choose our suppliers from within a 30 mile radius of The Bakery. We apply this ethos to the […]

Traditional beef farming and our Hereford suckler herd

Traditionally farmed Hereford Mother and Calf grazing on green pasture

Traditional beef farming with our Hereford suckler herd is what we do, alongside making pies of course! It’s a family affair, as it is with many farmers in the UK. The Jalland family has been farming in the Vale of Belvoir for over 500 years! We rear our own beef on the farm at Swan […]

A Silver Spoon of Sugar in Brockleby’s Fruit Dessert Pies

The Very Merry Berry Fruit Dessert Pie with berry fruit tumbling from its delicious pastry case served with a little piped cream

Lovers of fruit dessert pies handmade by Brockleby’s will know that they do not taste artificially sweet or even overly sweet. It is sometimes necessary, on a batch by batch basis, to adjust the tastes and sweetness with a little help from Silver Spoon’s infamous sugar. Regular readers of The Slice will know that we […]

Essential equipment when making a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

When making a Melton Mowbray pork pie the essential equipment is a dolly! What exactly is a dolly in the world of pork pies? You don’t need to be a connoisseur to know there is a world of difference in making pork pies by hand versus mass production. What is their role in making a […]

Salmon and Penguin ‘Tales’ from The Bakery!

Stuart delivering fish to The Bakery

The Great British Food Awards in 2020 saw our Summer Isles Salmon pie receive the prestigious accolade ‘highly commended’ in the Savoury Bakes and Pie category.  This was especially pleasing as the judge was none other than Raymond Blanc, Chef and Owner of Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons. Commendations such as this give cause for celebration for […]