Say Cheese!

Hannah and John from British Food Box

We hand make Brockleby’s Pies using some of the finest ingredients you will find! We make it our business to source these ingredients, including cheese, from producers located close to us in Melton Mowbray.

Hannah and John, two young farmers, supply us with the cheese which we use in three of our pies and the all-important butter we use throughout our range of pies.

We first met this young entrepreneurial partnership at a local food fair. At the age of 19 years old together they set up their business, British Food Box. They firmly believe in supporting their family farms and other British Farmers. Impressed by their products and ethics, we have worked together since.

They source the milk to make their cheese from Hannah’s family dairy farm in Burton upon Trent where they have farmed for around 100 years.

The Cows

The herd consists of a Jersey cross breed cow which yields high butterfat levels in the milk. This is perfect for cheese making.

The cows are free range and spend most of the year outdoors under a New Zealand system of management.

Hannah and John are working closely with Joseph Heler, a dairy farmer in Cheshire, who has been hand-making cheese since 1957. They are making award winning cheeses which we buy to use in our pies and hampers.

Look out for British Food Box at county shows and food festivals (when they are running once again). Meanwhile, the business is supplying cheese and other local farmers’ produce, such as yoghurts and clotted cream, to farm shops and cafes in the area. Additionally, Hannah and John have launched a small farm shop where they also stock Brockleby’s Pies!

Behind British Food Box is a genuine entrepreneurial spirit which we proudly support.

So, when you next tuck into a Brockleby’s Pie, you will know the provenance of the butter used across the range, and the cheese you will find in the Big Cheese, The Kiwi and the Penguin Pies!