Taste The Difference, Try a Bison Pie!

Taste the difference, try a bison pie! Whilst we offer customers the best possible ingredients, we aim also to offer you special pies in both taste and name.  Cue The Penguin Pie, The Beaver Pie and more recently our bison pie, The Ruffalo Buffalo, to name just a few!!

With one of the five bison farms in the United Kingdom on our doorstep, just outside the borough of Melton Mowbray, we have seized the opportunity to share the joy of bison with you. Ruth and her husband George have a one hundred strong breeding herd at their farm, Bouverie Lodge, in the village of Nether Broughton.

All About Bison

The couple has been rearing these ‘dangerous wild animals’ for over twenty years. Previously, they farmed more traditionally with cattle.

If you ask Ruth ‘why bison?’ she will be able to tell you all that there is worth knowing about this indigenous animal of North America. They have been the most important wild animals in the development of the country. Indeed, they provided the Plains Indians with food, clothing, shelter and contributed also to their culture. Once an endangered species in the late 1800s, it is pleasing to learn that they are no longer so, thanks to conservationists and rangers.

An average beast weighs 600 kilograms living as long as thirty years and you must treat all 600 kilograms with the utmost respect. This grunting animal may appear docile, cumbersome and slow but they can move surprisingly fast says Ruth! They are as speedy as a horse whilst also being able to pivot on their hind and front legs!

Ruth raises her herd naturally, never feeding them with hormones or promoters. They spend their time out at grass for the majority of the year until the winter when they come inside for shelter.

The Quality of Bison Meat

Bison meat is very much the one to choose if you are seeking a low fat and low calorie meat which is high in nutrients and protein. It has a full flavour, sweeter and richer than beef yet it doesn’t taste gamey or wild and indeed it is the only red meat which is non-allergenic.

Naturally more tender yet denser in texture than beef, bison actually takes less time to cook but can be prepared in a very similar way.

The Ruffalo Buffalo

We thought long and hard about our bison pie and how we would incorporate this delicious gourmet speciality meat into our range of pies. And so The Ruffalo Buffalo was born earlier this year!

Tender minced bison from Bouverie Lodge casseroled with red kidney beans and the warmth of chipotle chilli and smoked paprika to create a mouth watering American influence.  We encase it in the Brockleby’s rich shortcrust butter pastry and glaze it with free range eggs from Sherwood Farm in Hickling.

Go on Taste the Difference, try a bison pie!