Gluten Free? Yes, They Can Be!

A small Creme de la Hen pie cut to reveal a deep filling
The Crème de la Hen Gluten Free Pie

Did you know that one in a hundred people in the United Kingdom suffer from coeliac disease? An adverse reaction to gluten in a person’s diet causes this health issue. Failure to ‘go gluten free’ can create unpleasant side affects for sufferers and potentially serious health problems. General opinion is that there are many more people with a gluten intolerance than recorded. The good news is that coeliac disease and gluten intolerance can be treated with a gluten free diet.

There are many such products now on the market. However, the bad news, particularly for foodies, is finding and enjoying dishes which acceptably compensate for their lack of gluten. It is a dietary protein found in three types of cereal. These are specifically wheat, barley and rye.

Our gluten free pies

Within our range of 26 different types of pie, we aim to make something for everyone. Certainly, we do not wish to limit our customers’ enjoyment of a tasty Brockleby’s pie if they have a dietary intolerance.

With a reputation for baking delicious pies, we focus on doing just that! Our development team has created a gluten free pastry which we use to compliment our existing range and so the first gluten free pie was born – the Crème de la Hen pie; succulent pieces of free range chicken in a peppery creamy sauce.

In response to significant customer demand for ‘gluten free’, we also offer a small Kiwi pie using traditionally reared minced beef steak and tasty cheddar cheese enveloped in the same pastry made with Dove’s Farm flour.

An increasing number of customers are both lactose and gluten intolerant. The development team at Brockleby’s has gone one stage further creating the Ali Baa Baa pie. This pie accommodates both dietary requirements with a filling of tender pieces of matured mutton, slow cooked with aromatic ras-el-hanout Moroccan spices.

Our pies have been fully lab tested and we are proud to offer these high quality products without compromising the taste. As always we are delighted to receive customer feedback; one lady who visited our stall at Belper Market recently said ‘this is the best gluten free pastry I have ever had. It is very hard to make and it is just the nicest’.

Here, we rest our case!

The national charity Coeliac UK is a helpful source for further information about the disease.