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Moo and Blue Pie Enriches Its Awards

Our MD, Ian, with The British Pie Awards Supreme Champion 2023

What comes to mind when you read the words Brockleby’s Moo and Blue Pie? It is very possible that it conjures up an image of our mouth-watering pie. This is the very one which won the ultimate accolade of Supreme Champion at 2023 British Pie Awards. A tasty classic steak and ale filling made with […]

The Ali Baa Baa Pie is a Significant Lamb Pie

Brockleby’s popular Ali Baa Baa Pie, once known as the Moroccan Lamb Pie, was responsible for the advent of Brockleby’s Pies back in 2004! With twenty years of Pie Making behind him, the Managing Director, Ian, can look back at the business which he first started in his garden shed! How did the Ali Baa […]

Free-from anything but Provenance

‘Free-from’ is the newest category of pies you will find when you shop online with Brockleby’s. Customers hungry for the delights of a handmade pie with provenance from Melton Mowbray can now choose from an extensive range of thirty pies containing many different fillings. When we say we make something for everyone, this is a […]

The British Pie Awards

The British Pie Awards running since 2009 are the Oscars of the Pie World! They are an annual celebration of the craft and skill of the British Piemaker. Hosted in early March by the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association, they are held in the ancient and beautiful church of St Mary’s in the town also known […]

Taste The Difference, Try a Bison Pie!

A bison out at grass

Taste the difference, try a bison pie! Whilst we offer customers the best possible ingredients, we aim also to offer you special pies in both taste and name.  Cue The Penguin Pie, The Beaver Pie and more recently our bison pie, The Ruffalo Buffalo, to name just a few!! With one of the five bison […]