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Gluten Free? Yes, They Can Be!

Gluten Free pie cut open to reveal a deep filling

Did you know that one in a hundred people in the United Kingdom suffer from coeliac disease? An adverse reaction to gluten in a person’s diet causes this health issue. Failure to ‘go gluten free’ can create unpleasant side affects for sufferers and potentially serious health problems. General opinion is that there are many more […]

What is the real meaning of Food Provenance?

Food provenance is the term we use to describe the origins of our food such as where it has been grown, raised or caught. Additionally, it provides us with an understanding of how our food has been produced and transported. The different farming methods used to produce our food certainly affects the overall quality and […]

Our NEW and IMPROVED Packaging!

Here at Brockleby’s Pies, we have been working on some new and exciting things. With the imminent reopening of the Bakery Shop on the 1st September, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to revamp the packaging of our pie boxes! We love the new packaging and hope you do too! From Old to […]

Woolcool and Wool Returns

Woolcool started with the aim of finding ways in which farmers could get more value out of their farms and livestock – around the time of the foot-and-mouth disease. Sheep have been around since roughly 9000 BC. Surviving because their outer fleece being able to adapt to whatever the climate. This is why their wool […]

Free Range vs Outdoor Bred Pork

We only use free range meat in our Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, supplied by Packington Free Range in Tamworth. But what does free range actually mean? Pork labelled free range or organic has been raised on high welfare farms, almost certainly in the UK. Organic pork comes from breeding sows and fattening pigs that can roam […]