Woolcool and Wool Returns

Woolcool started with the aim of finding ways in which farmers could get more value out of their farms and livestock – around the time of the foot-and-mouth disease.

Sheep have been around since roughly 9000 BC. Surviving because their outer fleece being able to adapt to whatever the climate. This is why their wool is perfect for insulating our packages!

If you look at wool under a microscope, it has scales that capture moisture and help it to insulate. Temperature control is about heat transfer. Wool slows the transfer of air from hot to cold. Not only does the wool slow air, but it also traps it within the fibres in some cases which creates an air barrier. This is perfect for insulating and keeping our pies cold!

We use Woolcool to insulate our packages whilst remaining eco-friendly and sustainable. Offering an alternative insulator, helping keep our pies cold during deliveries, without using temperature-controlled vans.

Why Do We Use Woolcool?

You cannot NOT shear a sheep

… In fact, most sheep will die if they aren’t sheered, according to the RSPCA. The type of wool used in the product comes from the meat industry. Woolcool uses low-grade British-European wool, which would otherwise be thrown away.

Within your pie parcel, you receive an outer cardboard box and then the Woolcool slab is wrapped around your order. Worried about having wool directly touching food? Don’t fret! Woolcool ensures the wool is covered in either an MDPE or LDPE plastic protective bag, making the wool food-safe! It also allows our packaging to be reused which a number of our customers do.

Returning your wool to us means you can get 10% off your next order!

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We use this B-Corp company for our packaging insulation, meaning it has been rigorously audited. From a product point of view, wool is biodegradable. If you put it in your soil it will have disappeared in six months’ time!

Vist the Woolcool website for more information.