Wool Return Scheme

Our wool return scheme allows you to return the wool liners from your delivery to us, free of charge, and receive free delivery on your next order!

We can then reuse your wool liners in another box, helping to reduce our consumption and save the environment.

It’s easy to return your wool – just follow these 3 simple steps…

  1. Pop your sheets of wool in the Freepost mailing bag included in your box.
  2. Write your email address on the card included in your box, and pop that in the mailing bag too.
  3. Seal it all up and take the bag to your nearest Post Office. We’ll email you when your package reaches us!

Please only send us wool that is in a good, reusable condition, and put a maximum of 2 sheets in each mailing bag. Please don’t send us your ice packs, either reuse them yourself or dispose of them responsibly according to the instructions printed on them.

Terms & Conditions

We are only able to accept packages of a certain weight, so please ensure that no more than 2 wool liners (and no ice packs) are included in each mailing bag to ensure they reach us without issue. Upon receipt of your package, we’ll email you and issue you with a unique voucher code for free delivery on your next order on brocklebys.co.uk. Please ensure your email address is clearly written on the included card so we can contact you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The voucher code supplied is only valid on physical products from our online shop, and cannot be used on Pie Making Workshop bookings or gift vouchers, nor can it be used at market/event stalls, at our stockists, or on other online marketplaces where our products are available. There is a £50 minimum spend to redeem the voucher code. The voucher code is valid for 60 days from the date of issue, and is only valid for use with the email address it is sent to, so please ensure that you place your order using the same address. Please allow 14 days from the day you send your package to receive your voucher code, and please contact us if you have not received it after this time. Brockleby’s reserves the right to alter or withdraw this offer at its discretion and without notice.