What people are saying about our Pies...

The Ali Baa Baa

“The Ali Baa Baa pie was an absolute taste sensation! The pastry was golden and buttery and the ideal thickness to compliment the filling. The filling has the perfect blend of warm spice with savoury meat. It’s a delicious alternative to more traditional pies.”

Ruffalo Buffalo

“It was, in my other halves words, very delicious! The heat from the chilli was the perfect amount of spice, warming but not over powering. Texture was great and we liked that there were some small chunks of meat as well as mince.”

The Ali Baa Baa

“The flavours of the mutton, spice, and apricot were well balanced, good tender and well sized chunks of mutton, the occasional ‘hit’ of sweet apricot, and the Ras-al-hanout spice mix was very subtle. The apricot was interesting, as it was not always obvious, probably added sweetness generally, but the flavour occasional came through strong in the odd mouthful, any more and it would have been too sweet. The other standout was the filling and sauce, it was just right, not too dry and heavy, not too watery, and worked very well with the pastry.”

Cocky Leeky

“The pie was cooked for 50 minutes from chilled as per the instructions. I cut it into 3 to serve our family for one of our favourite meals. The pastry was buttery and delicious in texture and encased delicious chunks of chicken and leek that were in a creamy sauce. The pie is far superior to any other and it is worth every penny! We love it! In the words of Mr Kipling Brockleby’s make exceedingly good bakes! Can’t wait to try another one!”

Summer Isles Salmon and Moo & Blue Pies

“We had an excellent meal with two different pies recently. The moo and blue was excellent and so tasty with plenty of gravy and beautiful flaky pastry.

The Summer Isle Salmon pie had a generous portion of quality salmon and a good balance with the broccoli in the creamy sauce. My husband loved this one. Again the pastry was fantastic.”

Moo & Blue

“Amazing tasty rich pie crust, just the right amount of tasty gravy, with a hint of Stilton, rich but not too rich , melt in the mouth beef, perfect with home grown new potatoes.”

Summer Isles Salmon Pie

“This pie was delicious. Buttery pastry that holds its shape well surrounding generous pieces of salmon that tasted so fresh it could almost jump into your mouth on its own. The subtle flavour of the broccoli and creamy sauce compliment the salmon perfectly without overwhelming it. Everything is covered in a luxurious creamy sauce. A real pie masterpiece!”

Moo & Blue and Summer Isles Salmon Pie

“Moo & Blue Pie – moreish and unusual flavour but very enjoyable. Nice big chunks of tender beef and not too salty”

“Summer Isles Salmon Pie – nice big chunks of Salmon which were nice and moist, not too salty. Sauce was a bit sloppy if tasty. In general, this pie could do a little more seasoning.”

Ali Baa Baa & Wild Deer

“Gluten free pastry was very good (for GF). Quite ‘crispy’ on lid. Presence of ras-al-hanout obvious but not overpowering. Decent, large chunks of lamb and nice diced apricot”

“Pastry cooking very similar to lamb. Nice, short pastry. Tender, smaller pieces of meat. Quite a fluid filling, rich in wine and herbs, very flavoursome.”

Ruffalo Buffalo

“The filling was a nice mix of meat and beans, which gave a great texture in the mouth. There was a nice amount of heat and spiciness in the filling and it definitely felt like a good chilli con carne, the excellent shortcrust pastry went well with the filling and the pie retained its structure throughout the meal.”