Our NEW and IMPROVED Packaging!

Here at Brockleby’s Pies, we have been working on some new and exciting things. With the imminent reopening of the Bakery Shop on the 1st September, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to revamp the packaging of our pie boxes!

We love the new packaging and hope you do too!

From Old to New Packaging!

We have developed the new packaging whilst still trying to keep some of the old! More precise and clearer storage and cooking instructions are printed on the side of the box. Making sure to include the Brockleby’s Hands was an absolute must for us. The hands symbolise the giving of a gift, but more to the point, a giving of a pie.


The boxes are now 100% recyclable! We have made the plastic front easy to peel out so you can put the card box into the recycling bin! As well as using Woolcool packaging for our home deliveries, we are taking even more measures to ensure our packaging is both sustainable and recyclable.

Coming September, you will be able to find our new boxes! You will also be able to purchase them from the Asfordby Hill Bakery Shop. A completely cashless way to buy our pies! Simply select your pie and pay via our contactless card machines (chip and pin available). A full range of our delicious pies will be on offer, keep an eye on the chalk board for our “Pie of the Week” and any deals that may be on offer!